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Guide to Fiber Optic Quality Testing

Megladon worked with a 3rd-party reliability testing facility to create a custom set of test procedures to validate the quality in our cable manufacturing process. Types of tests performed included temperature, environmental, and mechanical pull tests. These tests are another step Megladon has taken to ensure a high quality product for our customers. Delve into

Industry Product Spotlight 3D Printed Data Center Solutions

3D Printed Data Center Solutions

Megladon sees Data Centers as one of the biggest opportunities for 3D printing. From loopbacks to fiber cassettes, the possibilities for 3D printing to simplify and customize are endless. There are also numerous benefits to these data centers, such as: Cost efficiency Simplified labeling of interfaces and redundancies Custom engineered solutions for a wide range

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Guide to Fiber Optic Pigtails

Pigtails are fiber optic cables which are only terminated on one end. The other end is open fiber, which can then be spliced into a network by mechanical or fusion splicing. Fiber optic pigtails are most often used in that “last mile” of fiber to connect end users with the pre-existing underground and aerial fiber

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Megladon Achieves Verizon FOC Program Certification on Fiber Termination Process

Austin, TX – Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd., a leader in fiber optic products and innovation for communication providers, data centers and the test & measurement industry, announced today that the company’s fiber termination process has been certified compliant to the requirements and specifications of the Verizon FOC program. The cables and process were graded against

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Industry Focus: Telecommunications

In the simplest of terms, the telecommunications industry consists of services and providers that make communicating over distances possible – they truly connect our world! While this industry’s fastest growing service area is currently wireless internet, the key to providing more speed, data and reliability to all forms of communication is fiber optics.

Product Photo of Megladon Manufacturing brand US made Fiber Optic Adapter Panel with LC Duplex Adapter

Guide to TAA Compliant Fiber Adapter Panels

The Fiber Adapter Panel (also known as the fiber optic patch panel) is a tool often used in the distribution of fiber optic networks. These panels are commonly installed in rack and wall mount enclosures in order to manage and organize fiber. As the fiber easily snaps into the panel enclosures, cables may be patched

Shark Bytes - Loopbacks

Product Focus – Fiber Optic Loopbacks

In the world of fiber optics, loopbacks, which can consist of various types of optical connectors and fibers, are utilized for a number of different applications. Typically, and especially in the telecommunications space, loopbacks are used to test the connectivity of a network by validating the reliability of transmission equipment or other optical network devices,

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Shark Bytes – Buying Fiber Online

Megladon’s Shark Bytes series focuses on the world of fiber optics by providing expert insights into the industries served by fiber as well as the latest products and innovations in the field.  Throughout this series, we will take a closer look at topics ranging from ORL & Multi Mates to Electric Field Testing and much

Fiber Cassettes Case Study

Bright Ideas Case Study: Custom Form Factor Patch Panels & Fiber Cassettes

By teaming up with TekRex and SabeRex to 3D print fiber cassette housings, Megladon was able to save money on procurement and inventory, while also easily updating designs without incurring expensive tooling costs to satisfy customer requests for fiber cassettes.

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Custom Cable Configuration Tool

You can now not only price a wide range of fiber optic cables from our website, but you can also build your own cables to spec (viewing them in a visual diagram) and purchase them on demand using our new Custom Cable Configuration Tool. Click here to access! And be sure to watch our demonstration video