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Product Focus – Fiber Optic Loopbacks

In the world of fiber optics, loopbacks, which can consist of various types of optical connectors and fibers, are utilized for a number of different applications. Typically, and especially in the telecommunications space, loopbacks are used to test the connectivity of a network by validating the reliability of transmission equipment or other optical network devices, including transceivers. Just such a test is implemented directly within a transceiver by connecting the loopback into both the output and input – producing an electronic signal or data stream that is routed from the transmitter port back to the receiver port without intentional processing or modification. Once applied, the transmitted light pattern is compared with the received pattern to make sure they are identical and no error is found. Operators can then determine the functionality of the network and/or troubleshoot a defective node to keep up overall maintenance and ensure performance.

In an effort to cut costs, save time in production and increase quality, Megladon Manufacturing has utilized the Carbon 3D printer to manufacture their loopbacks. By utilizing additive manufacturing, Megladon was able to both design and customize loopbacks to accommodate various form factors for a range of installation environments. These loopbacks as well as our other fiber optic offerings are available for purchase in our online shopping cart. To learn more about Megladon Manufacturing loopbacks, check out the video below.




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A global industry leader in fiber optics and your premier partner for fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent over a decade developing fiber optic technology and perfecting the HLC interconnect. Our patented technology and process results in a reference grade interconnect that is reliable, rugged, repeatable and provides maximum performance. With millions of our products deployed worldwide, our fiber optic technology has been proven time and again to solve many of the problems encountered in network deployment and maintenance. We have also been able to use HLC as the foundation piece to develop unique and passive fiber optic solutions for our customers.