Test & Measurement Products

Megladon specializes in the design and construction of reference grade fiber optic cable assemblies & test reference cords designed to optimize the performance of optical test equipment. Our HLC® termination process minimizes IL and ORL values creating the best reference cords available. Our SCRATCHGUARD® mating surface offers extended cord life in situations that require multiple mates. We also identify the tightest tolerance materials available to guarantee the highest level of durability, interoperability and alignment. Explore our full range of fiber optic products for use in the test and measurement industry below.

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Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable

Megladon Singlemode OTDR Launch Pack 150 Meter LC to LC

Megladon OTDR Launch Cables are the ideal companion for OTDR testing, and are the highest performing launch cables available. They are manufactured using only the highest quality, precision components. We apply our patented HLC laser termination process to every connector, creating the best possible optical performance (IL/ORL). The extended durability of the HLC endfaces allows for uninterrupted testing over longer periods, allowing for reduced testing expense over time. HLC Launch Cables are available for UPC and APC connector types (SC, LC, ST, FC) in all major glass core sizes. Megladon makes a variety of lengths to support both premise and long haul testing applications.

Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box (Pulse Suppression Box)

Product Photo of Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box

Our Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box (also called a OTDR Pulse Suppression Box) is a valuable addition to a fiber optic testing kit and is a durable replacement for spooled launch cable assemblies, which quickly wear out from field use. All Megladon Pulse Suppression Boxes come equipped with HLC SCRATCHGAURD® fiber optic connectors for extended use, and are contained in watertight, IP76 rated weather-proof & crush-proof boxes. Length and event characteristics are customizable.

Fiber Optic Network Simulator Box

Product Photo of Megladon Fiber Optic Network Simulator

Megladon Fiber Optic Network Simulators are designed to support the needs of labs testing fiber based systems prior to deployment. With customizable lengths of up to 200km bare fiber optic glass in a 6RU footprint, our network simulators provide a stable testing platform that emulate a variety applications. Network Simulators are can be built with any type of fiber optic connector, glass type, and length configuration.

Reference Grade Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (TRCs)

Photo of Fiber Optic Launch Cable

Fiber Optic Test Reference Cables manufactured by Megladon are the highest-performing reference grade cables available and are specifically designed to be the ideal assembly for testing fiber optic connectors. Our team carefully selects all of the components, from precision-drilled ferrules to controlled core glass, to ensure the best possible performance from the assembly.

Fiber Optic Attenuators

Fiber Optic Attenuators

Megladon Fiber Optic Attenuators are used in a variety of applications where a specified amount of attenuation is required. System performance is optimized by controlling the signal power through the introduction of attenuation. Megladon’s fixed attenuators provide highly-accurate attenuation values that translate into repeatable performance.

Scout Outdoor Test Jumpers

Scout Outdoor Test Jumper Cable

Megladon Manufacturing Scout OSP Rated Test Reference Cables are designed to support FTTx testing in the field, with a hardened outdoor connector on one end and the standard connector of choice on the other. These reference-grade test jumpers are customizable in length and standard connector type, allowing them to be adapted to all types of testing platforms. Cables can even be built in 150m+ lengths to support OTDR field testing.