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MPO / MTP® Distribution & Assemblies

MPO / MTP® Fanout & Trunk Cables

Megladon offers a full suite of MPO / MTP® products to support the increasing need for high density distribution. From jumper and fanout cables to fiber distribution modules, we can provide you with all of the necessary components to deploy MPO / MTP connectors in your networks.

Singlemode & Multimode Fiber Optic Jumpers

MM Patch Cords (1)

Megladon incorporates the HLC® Termination process into all of our premise jumpers. HLC enables reference grade performance from all connections and creates a durable endface less likely to be damaged from basic handling and use. We stock all major glass and connector varieties to ensure a rapid response to your needs.

Indoor Trunk Assemblies

MM Trunk Cables

From 4 to 144 fibers at a time, Megladon can create a custom premise trunk cable for your application. We stock a large variety of fiber counts in both Singlemode (SM) and Multimode (MM), and can build custom breakout configurations. Integrating HLC® technology with pre-terminated trunk cables ensures the highest quality of transmission and rapid deployments.

Fiber Distribution

Product photo of 4U Rackmount Fiber Distribution Panel

Megladon has a wide variety of fiber distribution products designed to make installations easier for the technician and provide scalable solutions for future deployments. Our distribution panels come in a variety of sizes and can be customized depending on the needs of the deployment. We also stock adapter plates, mating adapters, and many other fiber management accessories.

OSP, Indoor / Outdoor, Node Cables

Node Tail

Outdoor cables must withstand a variety of harsh environmental conditions. Megladon outdoor cables are designed to meet all industry standards. We have selected unique raw materials that enable our breakouts and terminations to perform in the most extreme applications and added the HLC® process to create the most reliable cables on the market.

WDM & Couplers / Splitters

WDM & Couplers / Splitters

Megladon WDM solutions allow operators to expand the use of existing fiber infrastructure with multiwavelength transmission and supports growing trends in cell backhaul and RFoG. We have a full suite of WDM, coupler and splitter products designed to increase the performance of your passive optical network.

Test & Verification Assemblies

Photo of Megladon Fiber Optic Network Simulator

Accuracy and precision in fiber testing requires a robust test reference cable. Megladon specializes in cable assemblies that meet stringent geometrical and performance standards, but also have durability characteristics that enable reliable field testing. We also support verification efforts in network simulation and build custom launch cables for OTDR testing.