Our Team

Daniel Hogberg


Experienced, entrepreneurial business leader with a background in engineering, manufacturing and technical sales. Proven history of developing solutions in the optical assembly and 3D printing spaces, with in-depth knowledge of R&D and product marketing strategies. As a proud board member for the YMCA of Austin, Daniel is committed to benefiting his community through service and ensuring no individual of need is turned away.

Mike Bobrowski

Technical Sales Consultant

Technical Sales Consultant with an expansive technical knowledge base founded primarily online, with proficiencies acquired through self-directed learning and reading through technical manuals. Mike is also a creator, engineer, a true entrepreneur, adventurer, and self-starter who values and develops his passion for learning, offering creative intelligence and web development skills as evidenced by Megladon’s online shopping cart – which he built. “Megladon is a unique place, where we’re motivated to use imagination and not just sell out of a catalog. You need to have creativity to weave together solutions that others may not think of, and to find solutions for your clients – especially incorporating 3D printing.”


Jace Waechter

Customer Relations Coordinator

Customer Relations Coordinator with 4 years of experience with coordinating and developing strategic marketing campaigns, copywriting, and customer satisfaction in the technology and non-profit sector. Supports Megladon’s sales team by monitoring proper administration of order creation and shipment arrangement. Provides additional support for marketing initiatives through content writing for Megladon’s website. Contributed to Megladon’s recent growth by collaborating with team members to secure monthly revenue goals. Ensures that the assistance Megladon’s customers experience reflects his own commitment to building trust and successful, long-term partnerships. Skills: Customer Management, Strategic Marketing, Copywriting, and Muay Thai.