Industrial & Military Products

Megladon has experience in a wide array of industrial and military connector and cable types. Our HLC® process can be applied to all termini commonly used in Mil-Spec and COTS applications, improving durability and optical performance. We have extensive experience in ruggedized connector and cable types and can support the design and manufacture of any harsh environment assembly. When you order through Megladon, we will design, manufacture, assemble, and deliver straight from our facility in Austin. For customers with a Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliance requirement, this means that governmental agencies and others can use our products with “made in the USA” confidence.

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Megladon ODVA Industrial Assemblies are designed with industrial communications in mind. They are built for Indoor / Outdoor use and are fully compliant with Open Device Vendor Association (ODVA) standards. They are perfect for Fiber-to-the-Antenna (FTTA) and other applications requiring a rugged, high performance cable.


IP Series Connectors & Cable Assemblies meet IP68 environmental seal ratings and are the ideal choice for industrial, Fiber-to-the-Antenna (FTTA) and harsh environment fiber applications. IP series connectors are available in LC duplex, Simplex SCAPC and MPO configurations to support a wide variety of equipment types, and flange mount adapters are available for integrating into junction boxes in outdoor installations.


Fiber Optic Test Reference Cables manufactured by Megladon are the highest-performing reference grade cables available and are specifically designed to be the ideal assembly for testing fiber optic connectors. Our team carefully selects all of the components, from precision-drilled ferrules to controlled core glass, to ensure the best possible performance from the assembly.


The Ruggedized Fiber Optic Jumper Cables & Trunk Cable Assemblies we manufacture exceed industry standards for optical performance and durability. Every patch cable is built from the highest quality materials from the top manufacturers in the industry, and all assemblies are factory-terminated and tested to the highest industry standards, including GR-326. The rugged jacket comes in high density plastic and corrugated stainless steel, adding additional protection and crush resistance. Rugged cords can be built with all common connectors and glass types, and rugged jackets can also be used in trunk cable breakouts.