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What is the role of a QMS in manufacturing?

Everything we do at Megladon Manufacturing revolves around quality and continual improvement, from our processes and patents to our principles. This focus on quality and the methods we use to achieve it can be summarized as a Quality Management System, or QMS. To better explain what goes into our QMS and how it’s evaluated through

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Header image of APC and UPC fiber optic connector

Guide to Fiber Connector Endface Polish Types: UPC vs APC

Published on April 17, 2020 by Jace Waechter Ultra Polished Connector (UPC) & Angled Polished (APC) connector: what’s the difference? When talking about fiber optic products like trunk assemblies, patch cords, or single-mode jumpers, eventually UPC connectors or APC connectors will enter the conversation. This may lead some people to be curious. For example, what’s

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Product Photo of Fiber Optic Click Cleaners

How To Use A Fiber Click Cleaner

Did you know more than 90% of all fiber network failures are attributed to dirty connector end faces? A speck of dust can spell disaster for your fiber network. In fact, as soon as you remove the dust cap on your fiber optic connector, it’s vulnerable to attack. Contaminants degrade your network’s performance by sticking

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Header image with product photo of fiber optic click cleaners

Clean Sweep: How to Clean Fiber Optic Connectors for Optimal Performance

Published on April 17, 2020 by Jace Waechter   Do you know how crucial it is to maintain clean fiber connectors?   85% of all failures in fiber optic networks can be attributed to contaminated fiber connectors. (Lang & Carter, 2016) Dust, oil, lint and other microscopic particles are the main enemy to your network’s

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Header - Photo of Megladon OTDR Launch Cables

OTDR Launch Cables: An Essential Tool For Testing Any Fiber Network

Megladon’s Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box is the ideal companion for OTDR testing, and it offers the highest performing launch cables available. They are manufactured using only the highest quality, precision components. We apply our patented HLC laser termination process to every connector, creating the best possible optical performance (IL/ORL). The extended durability of

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Header Image for Megladon Article HLC Showcase

Hardened Lens Contact Showcase

Megladon’s HLC® process is a patented termination procedure that yields significant benefits in endface durability and overall optical performance. The HLC laser process is unique to Megladon and offers a scratch resistance surface that has been proven to not degrade in a performance over the course of 1000 mates. This technology is compatible with all

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Photo of Fiber Optic Cable Connectors

Guide to Fiber Optic Cable Connectors

Article by Jace Waechter Published: November 19, 2019   Randomly choosing a fiber optic cable connector is a lot like aiming a bow and arrow blindfolded. By leaving it to chance, you’ll miss your target application through costly insertion loss and frequent repairs. Still, choosing the right fiber optic connector is tricky – luckily, it’s

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Graphic Website News Why Choose Megladon

Why choose Megladon as your manufacturing partner for pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies?

Our Quality: We stand behind every single fiber we terminate in Austin, Texas. Megladon has a proven track record of distributing and manufacturing reference-grade fiber optic cable solutions to global markets. Our products are tested to ISO 9001:2015 standards and proven across a diverse range of industrial applications. Shop at our website: Our Process:

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Shark Cassette Being Printed

Custom 3D Printed Solutions – High-Density MPO to LC Fiber Distribution Cassettes

Megladon Manufacturing has the ability to customize and create a variety of unique and innovative fiber distribution products. We utilize additive manufacturing to create a fully functional fiber cassette enclosure that matches our company’s themed branding. We have the ability to create innovative and unique fiber product solutions. From colored fiber adapter panels, to custom

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Graphic Website Shark Bytes 3rd Party Test

Guide to Fiber Optic Quality Testing

Megladon worked with a 3rd-party reliability testing facility to create a custom set of test procedures to validate the quality in our cable manufacturing process. Types of tests performed included temperature, environmental, and mechanical pull tests. These tests are another step Megladon has taken to ensure a high quality product for our customers. Delve into

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