The Power of Gratitude

Megladon believes that the power of thanks can never be overestimated. As you walk through our facility here in Austin, you will see these symbols of gratitude and appreciation posted everywhere. The same might prove true inside your own office!

Megladon is a proud member of the TyRex Technology Family and proud supporter of its signature nonprofit, RecognizeGood. In both our business and our nonprofit endeavors we believe that the power of heartfelt gratitude has far-reaching positive effects.

These Thank You Notes are intended to be personal, heartfelt acknowledgments of kindness and courtesy, and are created by all of us within the TyRex Technology Family on our own time.

If you believe the same and would like to request Thank You Notes like this one for your business, we’d be happy to provide them to you free of charge. Fill out the request form below and we’ll get started!

The Power of Gratitude
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