IP Series Connector: Ruggedized Fiber Optic Connectors Protect From Harsh Conditions

What is the Senko IP Series?

Technology evolves at a relentless pace – the field of durable, efficient, and error-free data transfer is experiencing an increased demand for a durable fiber optic connector for harsh environments.

To meet these unique challenges, the SENKO IP Series is designed to defend against harsh weather, temperature flux from exposure to a wide range of indoor / outdoor environmental conditions like high temperatures and even shock vibration.

IP stands for ingress protection which means the IP series defends against the unwanted intrusion of moisture, dust, rough weather, and other contaminates. Unlike standard LC, SC, or MPO fiber optic connectors, the SENKO IP Series connector employs a protective shroud that shields the fiber optic connector from the exposed elements.

For example, depending on the connector inside, the SENKO IP Series connector can withstand extreme temperatures as low as -22F or as high as 140F. The IP-Series connector’s superior durability makes it a perfect solution for fiber to the antenna (FTTA), or any other harsh environmental applications. Fiber optic cables used in cell towers and antenna installations are exposed to the elements 24-7, and require another level of protection to guarantee consistent performance. The IP series is also popular in industrial applications and on deployable reels. Customers use this product for durable deployments in a variety of environments, including oil/gas processing plants, high traffic factory lines, rocket test platforms, and cable TV broadcast field operations. The durability and dependability translate well to any application where a standard grade optical connection would not survive.

Each IP Series connector incorporates a bayonet system which enables quick and reliable installation. This harsh environment fiber optic connector is available in a variety of pre-terminated custom configurations and lengths from Megladon Manufacturing. The IP-Series connector also comes with a waterproof safe lock protector. This new addition with its secondary lockable ring provides extra security and reduces the opportunity for tampering.

IP Series LC Adapter

IP Series LC Adapter

IP Series LC Duplex Open

IP Series LC Duplex



IP Series MPO

IP Series MPO

What makes the IP Series Connector so reliable?

This connector is unique in that is can help protect fiber optic connections in otherwise unwanted environments where a traditional LC, SC or ST connector would fail to extreme environmental variables:


  • Water & Dust Resistance: IP water and dust immersion for harsh environment – IP68 rated
  • Cable compatibility: this connector can be terminated on a wide range of fiber, typically a diameter of 5-8mm (outer diameter)
  • Resistance to chemicals or immersion in chemicals
  • Simple assembly requiring no special tools
  • Durable mechanical mating
  • Compatible with ODVA global trade standards, intermatable with other IEC 61076-3-106 compliant industrial LC adapters


Other Variations of the IP series products

There are many variations of the IP Series product line from Senko that are adaptable to other applications. The IP One series connector has both optical and electrical connectors built into the shell, allowing to transmit both data and power to remote applications. These can be installed on the popular hybrid cable that includes both fiber and copper units in the same cable jacket. The IP-9 series connector is a smaller form factor version of the IP series, and is adapted well for use with drop terminals and aerial applications. The IP-9 series is the smallest bayonet style outdoor connector on the market. Inline adapters are also available allowing multiple assemblies to be connected in the field.

For applications involving trunk cabling, there are fanout kits designed to work with IP series connectors. For example, on one end there may be a 12F MPO based IP connector, and the far end can be separated to give either Qty 6 LC duplex connections, or Qty 12 SCAPC connections. This provides a fully customizable fanout solution for outdoor applications where fiber segmentation is needed. Field termination options are available as well.


Fiber optic technology has demonstrated a remarkable ability to overcome insertion losses, provide revolutionary data transfer speeds, and reliable long-term services all while being able to operate regardless of the environment. However, keeping your fiber optic network up and running requires more than just protecting the cabling from the elements.

You need to ensure that the optical connections are designed for rugged deployments. The SENKO IP Series connector plays an important role in providing flawless connections in a harsh environment. Don’t let snow, rain, heat, or cold compromise your network performance.

Megladon Manufacturing is your partner for custom cable assemblies ready for any outdoor application. We manufacture fiber optic cable assemblies for oil/gas, fiber to the antenna, and much more. We have been working with Senko for many years now as a preferred partner, and we value the quality of their exceptional products. Call or email us today for a quote on any custom cable requirements.

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