Custom Fiber Patch Panels & Adapter Panels

Customized Fiber Optic Adapter Panels

Megladon Manufacturing has the ability to customize a variety of unique and innovative fiber optic products. Our innovative manufacturing techniques allow you to think outside of the standard fiber optic product catalogue and come up with a solution that fits your project requirements. For example, we leverage our additive manufacturing capabilities to create a customized 3D-printed colored adapter panel to optimize your network’s fiber distribution, organization, and management.

3D Printed Colored Fiber Optic Adapter Panels

What is a Fiber Optic Adapter Panel?

The fiber optic adapter panel (also known as the fiber optic patch panel) is a tool often used in the distribution of fiber optic networks. These panels are commonly installed in rack and wall mount distribution panels in order to manage and organize fiber. As the fiber easily snaps into the panel enclosures, cables may be patched or spliced to create several connection points – this offers a simpler and more compact solution for connectivity.

3D Printed Colored Fiber Optic Adapter Panels on a Distribution Rack

Adapter Panel Features:

  • Megladon offers fiber optic adapter panels in 6, 8, 12 and 24 fiber count options in most adapter styles.
  • Can be made in the footprint of any manufacturers distribution panel
  • Precision alignment sleeves for optimum insertion loss performance
  • Available with ST compatible, SC duplex and simplex, LC duplex and simplex, MTP, MTO and FC adapters
  • Held securely in place with plunger/grommet fasteners
  • Quick snap-mount for easy disconnect during maintenance
  • Designed to accommodate all industry-standard adapter types
  • Unique color-coded connector labeling system



Fiber optic adapter panels are often deployed with rack mount and wall mount distribution panels. Sealed inside a fiber enclosure, these panels connect to a larger fiber optic network application such as a data center or other high-density fiber optic distribution area.

When using our customized 3D-printed colored adapter panels, you can design the color to match the color of different fiber patch cables. This simple cable management technique provides convenience for distinguishing corresponding cables and is just one of the ways you can design your adapter panels to fit your unique network needs.

3D Printed Color Fiber Optic Adapter Comparison3D Printed Colorized Fiber Optic Adapter Panels

The Megladon Difference

Located in Austin, Texas, Megladon Manufacturing has the ability to create innovative and unique fiber optic product solutions for adapter panels. By utilizing additive manufacturing, Megladon can both design and customize adapter panels to accommodate a range of installation environments. Our customized colored fiber optic adapter panels are compatible with most industry standard connectors to fit perfectly with your fiber connectivity needs. With expert prototyping, and rapid production time, our customizable process allows us to offer some of the most competitive prices in the marketplace while still reaching the highest quality standards.

These adapter panels as well as our other fiber optic offerings are available for purchase online at

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About Megladon

A global industry leader in fiber optics and your premier partner for fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent over a decade developing fiber optic technology and perfecting the HLC interconnect. Our patented technology and process results in a reference grade interconnect that is reliable, rugged, repeatable and provides maximum performance. With millions of our products deployed worldwide, our fiber optic technology has been proven time and again to solve many of the problems encountered in network deployment and maintenance. We have also been able to use HLC as the foundation piece to develop unique and passive fiber optic solutions for our customers.