The Hardened Lens Contact (HLC) process is a patented termination procedure that yields significant benefits in endface durability and overall optical performance. In the place of the typical scribe step in fiber termination, Megladon uses a CO2 laser to traverse the entire mating surface. This process changes the physical characteristics of the glass and creates an integrated lens at the mating surface.

Durability: The HLC laser process changes the physical properties of the glass at the endface to create a surface that is harder and smoother than before. These changes create a mating surface that is scratch resistant and will withstand a higher number of mates relative to standard connectors. Extensive testing has proven HLC connectors do not degrade in performance over the course of 1000 mates.

Performance: The integrated lens formed by the HLC laser process creates a connector that consistently performs at reference grade levels. Both SM and MM terminations yield best in class IL and ORL, and have reference grade endface geometry as well (TAA / GR-326 compliant). All HLC terminations are fully interoperable with standard / existing terminations and will increase the performance of any application.

For additional information on Megladon’s HLC® Technology, consider referencing the embedded video below and any of the following links:


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