Partner Perspectives - Optical Wavelength Labs

Partner Perspective – Optical Wavelength Labs (OWL)

Technical Sales Consultant Michael Bobrowski recently connected with Mike Gunnink, RCDD of Optical Wavelength Labs (OWL), to talk about their company and working with Megladon.


Q: Could you tell us the story of your team and how Owl Inc. was founded?

A: “By producing high quality products for over 14 years, OWL is the WISE choice in fiber test equipment. OWL has established a global reputation for quality, consistently producing accurate, user-friendly, yet affordable test equipment. OWL’s factory, being located in America’s Heartland, has become well accepted globally in the fiber optics industry. Since 2000, OWL has achieved a high profile list of professional organizations that utilize OWL meters for vital test results. OWL fiber optic certification reports assure customers of the quality of service of their mission critical fiber optic networks.” 


Q: Where is your company headquartered?

A: “OWL’s headquarters are located in Whitewater, Wisconsin.”


Q: What kind of products does Owl manufacture?

A: “OWL manufactures fiber optic test equipment for many applications, including OTDRs, fiber link certifiers, optical power meters, light sources, visual fault locators, optical talk sets, and optical length testers.”


Q: Which markets / customers do you typically serve?

A: “Premise installer, telecom, CATV, datacom, industrial, laboratory, medical, educational, and many others where optical fibers are used for communications.”


Q: How does Megladon’s product line integrate with your company?

A: “A major part of OWL’s product line includes OTDRs.  For proper OTDR test results, a long segment of fiber – called a launch cable – must be inserted between the OTDR and the link under test.  These launch cables are usually a minimum of 150 meters long, which can get quite cumbersome to handle, especially when testing in the field.  OWL carries Megladon’s HLC® Launch Test Cables because they are packaged in a convenient, easy-to-carry “fiber ring” format, including a belt clip to hold the fiber ring while the technician is operating the OTDR equipment.”


(Read more about Optical Wavelength Labs on their website:

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