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Click Cleaners: The Quickest Solution for Contaminated Connectors

Published on May 26, 2020 by Jace Waechter


90% of all fiber network failures are attributed to dirty connector end faces.

A speck of dust can spell disaster for your fiber network. In fact, as soon as you remove the dust cap on your fiber optic connector, it’s vulnerable to attack. Contaminants degrade your network’s performance by sticking to the front face of an optical connector which prevents light from getting through. The fiber optic connector click cleaner is an easy-to-use solution that removes any particles that adhere to the ferrule end face with a one-push mechanical action.

Several labor-saving features include:

  • Ability to clean fiber optic connectors on jumpers and in adapters
  • Effective removal of a variety of contaminants including dust and oils
  • Ergonomic, comfortable design with single action cleaning
  • Fresh cleaning tape for up to 800 cleans
  • Several models available for different connectors

As you may know, the golden rule of maintaining a high-performing fiber network is to always inspect before you connect. Whether it’s fresh from the factory or has been hanging in inventory for some time, your fiber optic connector should be examined to find out if it has become dirty. The fiber optic connector click cleaner is an easy-to-use tool for fast and reliable cleaning.

Product photo of 1.25mm and 2.5mm fiber optic click cleaner

Product Photo of Megladon Fiber Optic Click Cleaners

What is a Fiber Optic Connector Click Cleaner

A user-friendly click cleaner is a favorite tool in the industry for cleaning connectors on jumpers and in adapters. Simply push the click cleaner against the connector until you hear an audible “click.” The pen-style click cleaner is a dry, sealed, all-in-one product. The fiber optic connector click cleaner works by using a mechanical push action to force an optical grade cleaning tape to spring forth and rotate around the ferrule to absorb the contaminants. 

There are various types of clicks cleaners for the various connectors within a fiber network.  The three types of fiber optic click cleaners are a 1.25mm click cleaner for LC connectors, a 2.5mm click cleaner for SC/ST/FC connectors, and an MPO/MTP click cleaner for MPO/MTP connectors.


1.25mm Click Cleaner and 2.5mm Click Cleaner User Guide

Reduce cleaning time by applying a 1.25mm click cleaner to an adapter or exposed 1.25mm LC/MU ferrules. Use a 2.5mm click cleaner to clean 2.5mm adapters or exposed ferrules for SC/ST/FC connectors. Generally, each cleaning will deliver up to 750-800 “clicks” per 1.25mm click cleaner and 2.5mm click cleaner.

MPO/MTP Click Cleaner User Guide

Designed to clean MPO/MTP fiber optic connectors used in Data Centers and other high-density optical networks. MPO/MTP click cleaners simplify cleaning of the exposed ferrule end face of both MPO/MTP and ones in adapters. This revolutionary push-type cleaner saves you time cleaning and troubleshooting, resulting in clean fiber optic end faces and maximum network performance.

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