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Industry Focus: Telecommunications

In the simplest of terms, the telecommunications industry consists of services and providers that make communicating over distances possible – they truly connect our world! Evolving from the telegraph to today’s mobile devices, telecommunications tirelessly works to shorten the time … [...] Read more
Product Photo of Megladon Manufacturing brand US made Fiber Optic Adapter Panel with LC Duplex Adapter

Guide to TAA Compliant Fiber Adapter Panels

The Fiber Adapter Panel (also known as the fiber optic patch panel) is a tool often used in the distribution of fiber optic networks. These panels are commonly installed in rack and wall mount enclosures in order to manage … [...] Read more
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Product Focus – Fiber Optic Loopbacks

In the world of fiber optics, loopbacks, which can consist of various types of optical connectors and fibers, are utilized for a number of different applications. Typically, and especially in the telecommunications space, loopbacks are used to test the … [...] Read more
News & Events - Custom Cable Configuration Tool

Custom Cable Configuration Tool

You can now not only price a wide range of fiber optic cables from our website, but you can also build your own cables to spec (viewing them in a visual diagram) and purchase them on demand using our new … [...] Read more
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Featured Technical Article – ORL & Multi Mates

It is well known within the test and measurement industry that Optical Return Loss (ORL) degrades at a higher rate than Insertion Loss on a test cord that is actively being used.  The ORL measurement is very sensitive to contamination, … [...] Read more
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Electric Field Testing in Fiber Optics (Technical Whitepaper)

This set of tests was inspired by the desire to improve connector cleaning processes in a measurable way. The testing methodology was inspired by the 3M handheld electrostatic field meter, which was designed to measure the charge value (volts, V) … [...] Read more
HLC® Technology Difference

The Megladon Difference

HLC® SCRATCHGUARD® Scratch-Resistant Mating Surfaces The Hardened Lens Contact HLC® process is a patented termination procedure that yields significant benefits in endface durability and overall optical performance. In the place of the typical scribe step in fiber termination, Megladon &hellip [...] Read more
Fiber Optic Products & Innovation

Fiber Optics Leader

Your Fiber Optic Solutions Partner A global industry leader in fiber optics and your premier partner for fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent over a decade developing fiber optic technology and perfecting the HLC® interconnect. Our patented technology and process … [...] Read more
Fiber Optics

New Megladon White Paper

Daniel Hogberg of Megladon published a new white paper, entitled “Effective Cleaning Methods to Reduce Charge Accumulation on Fiber Optic Connectors.” Click here to read this latest white paper.   For more information on our online custom configuration tool … [...] Read more

Solutions Provider

Whatever your fiber optic issue or specialized requirements, Megladon can provide you with the custom solutions you need. Our patented technology will provide you with a product that is not only reliable, rugged and repeatable, but offers maximum performance. Just … [...] Read more