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Industry Focus Article Header - Telecommunications

Industry Focus: Telecommunications

In the simplest of terms, the telecommunications industry consists of services and providers that make communicating over distances possible – they truly connect our world! Evolving from the telegraph to today’s mobile devices, telecommunications tirelessly works to shorten the time … [...] Read more
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Custom Cable Configuration Tool

You can now not only price a wide range of fiber optic cables from our website, but you can also build your own cables to spec (viewing them in a visual diagram) and purchase them on demand using our new … [...] Read more
Fiber Optics

Megladon Deploys Bend Insensitive Patch Cables

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. announces the deployment of its highly-regarded Bend Insensitive HLC™ Fiber Optic Patch Cables for use by network installers. The integration of HLC connectors and Bend Insensitive Glass have combined to produce one of the most reliable, … [...] Read more
Fiber Optics

Megladon Applies HLC Process to LC Connectors

The much-anticipated application of Megladon’s HLC process to small form factor (LC) connectors has cleared its first set of obstacles. The initial results have been very impressive. Megladon is now in the process of establishing  repeat-ability and also testing samples … [...] Read more