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News & Events - Custom Cable Configuration Tool

Custom Cable Configuration Tool

You can now not only price a wide range of fiber optic cables from our website, but you can also build your own cables to spec (viewing them in a visual diagram) and purchase them on demand using our new … [...] Read more
Fiber Optic Products & Innovation

Fiber Optics Leader

Your Fiber Optic Solutions Partner A global industry leader in fiber optics and your premier partner for fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent over a decade developing fiber optic technology and perfecting the HLC® interconnect. Our patented technology and process … [...] Read more

Solutions Provider

Whatever your fiber optic issue or specialized requirements, Megladon can provide you with the custom solutions you need. Our patented technology will provide you with a product that is not only reliable, rugged and repeatable, but offers maximum performance. Just … [...] Read more